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Traumatic experiences take up space in the narrative our our lives. Often, too much space because trauma seems to perpetuate itself. The outcome of trauma negatively affects what we want most in life – a distinct sense of self, purpose and belief we are capable of experiencing fulfillment and satisfaction, secure relationships, and peaceful, happy families. Although trauma might have occurred in childhood, the devastation it continues to cause feels like it happened yesterday. We behave in ways, perhaps unaware, that harm ourselves and others.

We are committed to journey alongside you on your path towards resolving your trauma history. Whether your trauma occurred in childhood or adulthood we specialize in its treatment. Our greatest joy in the work we do at Let It Rain Psychotherapy is listening to our clients create a new narrative. A new chapter- or a whole new book- full of meaning, new resolve, and delight about themselves and all they have accomplished. Much hard work is required of you and we commit to being right there with you.

Rayné Ventimiglia, Owner

Our Services

Psychotherapy Services Offered

Counseling In Colleyville, TX: Find The Right Therapist In Colleyville, Southlake And Grapevine TX At Let It Rain Psychotherapy:

Individual Psychotherapy

Counseling for individuals to help recover from depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, and other emotional/mental health problems. Find support for recovery from substance abuse, help for building and maintaining relationships, help for grief and loss issues like the passing of a loved one or divorce.

Couples Counseling

Marriage counseling, premarital counseling, and couples counseling for partners who desire a lasting love relationship with one another. Assistance with identifying and resolving underlying issues, forging new ways of interacting, forgiving the past, and moving forward.

Family Therapy

Family counseling for families who want to increase peace and enjoyment in the house or between the two homes where the children are being raised. Guidance for opening communication and fostering understanding, earning trust and respect, and enjoying family time again.

(DBT) mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal relationship skills. Adult DBT skills group is ongoing and open. Teen DBT skills group also now available! For more information, click on the Psychology Today icon on the right side menu.

Biblically-based Therapy

Christian counseling upon request for people who desire therapy using the guidance of the scriptures.

Substance Abuse Recovery Support

Addiction counseling for individuals who want help to start or continue addiction recovery.

Teen Psychotherapy

Counseling for teens and pre-teens struggling with school problems, self-injurious behaviors, bullying, depression, anxiety, parent-child conflict, and post-divorce grief.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Dr. Joe B. Ventimiglia
Assessment and balancing of hormonal state including thyroid hormones and age-associated sex hormone changes (estradiol, testosterone, and progesterone).

Medication therapy for certain mental health conditions: anxiety/depression and treatment for resistant anxiety/depression using pharmacogenomic technology (https://genesight.com/product/).

LGBT Friendly

At Let It Rain Psychotherapy we affirm that all people are equal and inherently worthy of love, dignity, and respect. We love our LGBTQ+ clients and offer an accepting, safe space to work through issues related to grief, trauma, identity, relationships, and more.