Therapy for Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Neglect 

People with underlying issues of trauma like sexual or physical abuse and neglect often seek therapy due to some other crisis, all the while knowing, somehow, that past abuse is a contributor to their current problems. It can be very scary to even begin thinking about how much damage has been done to the heart, body, mind and soul by sexual or physical abuse, and yet there comes a time when it is imperative to start the healing process.
You can benefit from receiving therapy if you experience any of these symptoms:
▪ Feeling powerless in romantic relationships, at work, or in unbalanced friendships.
▪ Feeling helpless with the belief that nothing will ever change or get better no matter what you do or do not do.
▪ Feeling estranged from others, yourself, and God even though you try to do everything right.
▪ Feelings of guilt and shame and avoiding anything that reminds you of the sexual violations, physical abuse and/or neglect you experienced.
▪ Feeling clashing feelings (ambivalence) and doing self-destructive things like cutting yourself, excessive drug use, or being promiscuous.
▪ Memories in the form of daydreams, nightmares, or flashbacks often come even when you do not want them to or try to push them away.
▪ Feeling depressed and/or anxious more days than not.
What to expect during the therapy process and beyond:
▪ You may feel uncomfortable, angry, sad, and scared when you first talk about what happened to you. You may even feel out of control and full of doubt. You may also feel really relieved, understood, and validated. There is a good chance your hope will be restored.
▪ You will do most of the talking and I will guide you in exploring, discovering, remembering, effective expressions of anger, mourning, and finally acceptance and forgiveness. Quite possibly your faith will deepen and grow.
▪ Your relationships may change as you let go of false beliefs about yourself, learn to set boundaries with others, and try doing things differently. Love that once seemed so elusive and unreal will blossom and cover a multitude of wrongs.
When you finally begin working on unresolved issues hope is cultivated, faith grows, and love blossoms. A whole new way of relating to others and doing life opens up to you. Continuing to deny the problems underlying strained or ruined relationships may only lead to more of the same.
Come start your therapy for childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, and/or neglect with me, Rayné Johnson, LCSW, at Let It Rain Psychotherapy 1901 Central Dr. Ste. 716 Bedford, Texas 76021. Just complete the “Contact” page and I will contact you in the manner you indicate is best.


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