Relationships using DBT Skills

Having a diagnosis stemming from childhood physical or sexual abuse or neglect like PTSD, MDD, or a personality disorder can mean that trust is an issue for you. It can also mean that walking within the balance of being open and receptive and having well placed boundaries in relationships can feel like an impossible balancing act. It’s scary and hard and might just seem easier to use anger as a powerful defense or sadness to withdraw and check out of life and relationships altogether. At Let It Rain Psychotherapy, we offer healthier alternatives for learning how to trust the important people in your life and also how to end destructive relationships. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills groups are offered to help individuals learn, among other skills, interpersonal effectiveness which means learning how to get what you want within your relationships, keep relationships that are necessary and good for you, and to practice self-respect in all your relationships. If you find yourself confused, hurt and angry related to relationships in your life- whether or not you have a trauma history- Let It Rain Psychotherapy is ready to facilitate your learning of skills that can provide increased insight and awareness and a new, healthier way of rising to the challenge of building and maintaining healthy relationships. Next DBT groups start April 20th. Individual therapy also offered. Call today: 817-874-8169.

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