Out of Control Emotions?

 It has been said that if you don’t deal with your emotions, your emotions are going to deal with you. In other words, suppressing emotions like anger, hurt or fear allows those very emotions to rule your interactions with others and dictate your behavior. Unaddressed anger or fear is like an untended grass fire- the emotions spread so quickly and you are soon out of control. If you are avoiding your anger or disappointment, you might be struggling with passivity- a state in which others are easily able to take advantage of you or ignore your needs. The flip side of unaddressed anger is becoming passive-aggressive which is self-sabotaging- or aggressive- hurting others with your words or worse rather than respectfully expressing yourself. If you avoid your fears you might be having a tough time making necessary changes in your life. Unaddressed fear contributes to feeling stuck. Avoiding, escaping, ignoring, or suppressing uncomfortable emotions renders you ineffective in building the life you desire and having healthy relationships. So what is the solution? With Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) you can learn to be in control of your emotions by identifying, accepting, and learning how emotions actually help you. Emotion regulation can put you back in control of yourself, help you use the energy of emotions to make necessary changes, and effectively build the kind of life you want for yourself. For more info on DBT groups or individual therapy, call Rayné Johnson, LCSW: 817-874-8169.

Rayné Johnson, LCSW Let It Rain Psychotherapy, PLLC

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