About Let It Rain Psychotherapy

What is Let It Rain Psychotherapy?

Let It Rain Psychotherapy is a warm, receptive, and engaging place where people who have had damaging, scarring experiences can come for help, validation and support to make courageous changes. It is a place to take risks, to bravely survey the damage of the past and decide to accept help for cleaning up the debris. Let It Rain Psychotherapy is an attitude, a belief that from the most painful experiences can come the greatest triumphs of overcoming- and that the realities of life can be the rain that makes us grow, heal, recover, and transform into all that we are created to be. Because rain is necessary for growth.

What do I do in therapy sessions that is therapeutic?

I listen very carefully for themes and connections from the past to present in my client’s story, validate the reality of my client’s experiences and meet people where they are while believing fully in that person’s ability to progress further down the road from where I first meet them. I strive to be non-judgmental, respectful, and demonstrate unconditional positive regard. I lead client’s in exploring their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to gain awareness, find understanding, and develop insight into what is troubling them. I help clients discover their own solutions and the strength to make changes. I teach others how to reduce their own suffering.

What is my purpose for being a psychotherapist?

To help people experience freedom through healing; to generate hope in others that there is life on the other side of whatever troubles them, no matter how deep and vast the pain; to walk with people into a stronger, deeper, truer faith walk that feeds, heals, and revives the soul. To help eliminate or greatly reduce emotional suffering; to help cultivate in client’s a greater capacity to give and receive love.



What Insurance is Accepted at Let It Rain?

BCBSTX PPO is the only insurance accepted at this time for therapy. However, you are given a receipt, upon request, to file your own insurance.

What does a session cost?

$100 per 50 minute therapy session for an individual; $125 per 50 minute session for couples counseling and $150 for family counseling; INITIAL VISIT: $150 for individual counseling and $150 for couples/families per 60 minute initial session.