Grief or Depression: How Can I Tell the Difference?

How can I know if what I am feeling is depression or grief? Grief can be defined as feelings of intense suffering, longing, anger and/or despair over a significant loss. Perhaps you had hoped for something different, something better, something more. And now it appears all hope is lost. And so you grieve. You grieve the loss of a significant romantic relationship, the loss of a beloved pet, betrayal by a best friend, the loss of a job, a role, a status. Grown children continue to grieve the loss of a childhood destroyed by bad parenting- parents who were supposed to love and protect them but instead abused and/or abandoned them. Children grieve when they have to move to a new school, even though they appear to be ok. Parents grieve when their children turn out differently than expected. Normally with the experience of loss, comes grief. Grief is normal. Sometimes, though, there is a tendency to get stuck in the anger or depression stage of grief. Then normal grief becomes complicated, and depression can develop. If you have suffered a loss of some kind and find yourself stuck, Let It Rain Psychotherapy can help move you forward. Call today. 

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