Christian Counseling

It’s easy to be bewildered, even crushed, by hard seasons that inevitably come to you. The question is often, “What have I done to deserve this?” It appears that God is, at times, breaking you down, punishing you, or determined to teach you a lesson. You have heard, most likely, that it’s through the hard times that we change, grow, and become stronger, wiser and develop greater character. We learn to be more compassionate, patient and loving. Hard seasons wrought with scary storms can develop good fruit. However the process is so very painful! To overcome the risk of becoming disillusioned by what God is doing in your life, surrounding yourself with supportive people is key. Root out of your life people who contribute to losing your way. And get into good Christian counseling for your journey ahead. Seasons change. Let It Rain Psychotherapy can help you arrive safely into a new season. Call today!

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