Let It Rain Psychotherapy

“Rain, rain go away, come back another day,” is a song most children learned to sing when rain prevented swimming or playing outside on a Saturday morning after cartoons. Stuck inside at age seven or eight for a couple hours seemed like the most horrible, worst thing EVER. However, with age came understanding that although rain could dampen our spirit, and grey skies made us feel blue, clouds, wind, and rain are necessary for growth, renewal, harvest.

At Let It Rain Psychotherapy we will work together to explore and identify the hard things you have experienced or are experiencing and make our way to understanding the meaning of what troubles you, how the hard things can be stepping stones to a path of growth, renewal, and enduring hope.

Whether the troubles are distressing, overwhelming feelings and emotions like anxiety, depression, grief, or anger, or situations like a new job, abuse, moving, or conflict, together with you Let It Rain Psychotherapy will work to increase awareness and understanding, skill, and build mastery, rooted in peace. You can reach me at raynejohnson@let-it-rain.org or 817-402-2419 to schedule an appointment. Let It Rain Psychotherapy accepts BCBSTX and is located at 1901 Central Dr. Ste. 716-F Bedford, Texas 76021.